Integrating Recycled Elements into Furniture Selection

Integrating Recycled Elements into Furniture Selection

3 Key Facts About Adjustable Beds

Danny Morris

What constitutes a good sleep? Generally, it entails waking up feeling well-rested and relaxed. Various factors can rob you of quality sleep, such as a noisy sleeping environment or an uncomfortable sleeping position. However, a poor choice of a bed is arguably the biggest reason why people struggle with sleep. It is the reason most people are replacing their standard beds with the adjustable type, which are a practical solution to common sleeping issues. However, you need to know a few things about adjustable beds before buying one.

The Bottom and Bedding Are Separate Pieces

A common misconception that most first-time buyers hold is that an adjustable bed is a single unit. They believe that the bedding and the lower portion are attached and move as a single unit. Unfortunately, it often leads many buyers to make the wrong decision when shopping for a mattress. Notably, adjustable beds are made up of two distinct sections:  the frame and the bedding, both of which can be adjusted. The design makes it easy to choose the right mattress for the bed. For example, if you want to change to a bigger mattress in the future, you can easily do so by expanding the frame and bedding.  

It Requires Specially-Designed Mattress

An adjustable bed is not compatible with traditional mattresses. The reason is that conventional mattresses have a rimmed border that prevents them from folding and conforming to an adjustable bed's shape. Therefore, if you want to replace your bed with an adjustable one, your current mattress will not work since you will struggle to fold it. It means that you have to acquire a new mattress specially designed for an adjustable bed. Compatible mattresses lack a rimmed border, making them easy to bend and fit around an adjustable bed's frame. 

There Are Multiple Bending Points

When most people think about an adjustable bed, they imagine that all models bend at a single point, the lumbar region. Although most of the pictures you see on brochures and the internet focus on the area, the fact is that adjustable beds have multiple bending points. Some models flex at the lumber and pelvis region, while others bend at the knee area. It provides more relaxation positions, especially for individuals with joint problems. Therefore, when buying an adjustable bed, examine whether it has enough adjustable positions to satisfy your needs. Multiple adjustable positions mean greater comfort. 


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