Integrating Recycled Elements into Furniture Selection

Integrating Recycled Elements into Furniture Selection

3 Effortless Ways to Maintain Outdoor Teak Furniture

Danny Morris

For generations, teak furniture has been a top choice for the outdoors thanks to its regal façade and lifetime durability. Teak outdoor furniture is well known to withstand harsh weather conditions because of the presence of natural oils and rubber. And while teak furniture is an excellent choice for all these reasons, complete negligence will cause unnecessary damage. Even a little care will go a long way when you follow these effortless ways to maintain outdoor teak furniture.

Sealing Teak Furniture

When exposed to weather elements, teak will naturally gray over time. This happens with all kinds of teak, even A grade teak. This is because the oil in the teak wood begins to oxidise when exposed to sunlight and air. If you like this look then you'll have nothing to worry about with your outdoor teak furniture.

If you want to retain the golden brown look, you may want to seal your teak furniture. Teak sealer adds a UV protection layer on your teak furniture to prevent mould and mildew from growing on it over time. You can easily purchase a teak sealer from your nearest home improvement store. You'll simply need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Oiling Teak Furniture

Teak oil can sometimes lead to mould and mildew, so you need to consider whether this is a suitable option for your furniture or not. For example, if your outdoor furniture is kept away from harmful weather elements, then teak won't fade. But if it is in direct sunlight or rain, teak will start to weather and fade. If you want to retain the colour of your natural brown teak furniture, you will need to oil your teak. The frequency will depend on the exposure to the elements. Furniture that is left outdoors constantly will need to be oiled more often than others.

Cleaning Teak Furniture

Teak furniture needs regular cleaning to remove dust, stains and dirt that accumulate over prolonged use. You can either use a mild household cleaner with a lint-free cloth or purchase a specialised teak cleaning solvent from a home improvement store. Remember not to use any harsh and abrasive cleaners to retain the beauty of teak furniture for as long as possible. You can even purchase a teak-friendly stain removal cleanser for that inevitable red wine or salad dressing spill. 

Teak furniture is a great addition to your outdoor furnishings; a little effort will extend the life of your furniture. For more tips or assistance, contact resources like The Teak Place.


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